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instashop desktop

InstaShop is a fictitious grocery franchise based in the United States, whose market share has been decreasing by 8% year on year. Through market research, they have determined that this constant decline is due to the increase of available grocery shopping applications and online stores. InstaShop believes they can expand their customer base and grow their market share by offering customers an online platform and application with which to buy products.


Instashop is a traditional brick and mortar grocery store chain in the United States hoping to launch an online shopping experience to remain competitive with rivals after noticing a steady 8% decrease in market sales annually for the past 4 years.



Understanding the user and their needs when it comes to grocery shopping was key in the development of the product. From data collected from competitive analysis and interviews, the next step is to build personas of shoppers who could benefit from Instashop.

instashop mobile
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